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In this article, we will be comparing Binance and, two major cryptocurrency exchanges.

At a Glance

In the battle between Binance vs, our pick is Binance, although it’s a close battle. We picked Binance because of Binance’s better fees, support for investors, its offering of more educational opportunities, and because it has more ways for traders to access and utilize their funds.

Best for: Binance 

If you’re looking for a big, broad platform with access to tons of markets and a great educational/research base, and you’re more of an early trader who wants help with the process, Binance is for you. Binance has the slight edge, as its fee structure is a little lower

Binance came into the game earlier and has a larger user base, the largest user base in the world, which is likely why they don’t have to charge as much in fees. Binance’s offerings in terms of assets you can trade are better overall; there is a broader selection. The platforms are generally about equal in terms of their user experience and ease of execution, but Binance is a little more oriented to new users who want the platform to do a lot of heavy lifting for them.

When it comes to depositing and making withdrawals, Binance also offers plenty of benefits. As mentioned above, when it comes to research and education, Binance also offers much more functionality and resources. Binance customer support is also very good, and you won’t be alone in your process. If you’re a newer trader who enjoys education while you utilize an exchange, Binance will be a stronger product for you.  

Best For: is consistently recognized as a highly safe exchange with award-winning cybersecurity and over ten million active users. offers large access options to a big cross-section of crypto currencies, and it offers other tools and functions like DeFi, research tools and advanced analytics, venture capital options, and much more.

Gate has an active social media presence and offers plentiful giveaways on platforms like Twitter for altcoins, futures, and more. 

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Binance Overview

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform. It offers a vast and heavy-duty selection of trading options and functionalities. 

Binance comes with fantastic user dashboards and offers a great array of trading features, including a large selection of market charts and hundreds upon hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Users can also access a variety of trading options including futures and options, as well as several order types. Several options and features are not yet available in the United States. The international offerings for cryptocurrency are a bit broader than those available in the US. 

In addition to its deep tools and features, Binance also offers a fantastic learning platform, a deep NFT platform, and more. Its learning platform is among the best in the industry, if not the best, and a large part of why it’s achieved such high user adoption.

Company Overview

Binance was founded five years ago by developer C. Zhao, and was originally a crypto exchange in China. 

Binance’s intuitive and versatile native utility token, innovative solution set, and fantastic management quickly made the platform a favorite among users. Within the first six months of existence, Binance scaled to more than three million users, and within a year was widely considered among the top three cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Today Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with over 1.4 million transactions per second. Binance offers several hundred cryptocurrencies for global users. It is important to mention that the international Binance platform is significantly larger than its U.S. version,, which only offers a little more than 65 cryptocurrencies.

The Binance platform now has more than 100 million users. It regularly hosts far more trading volume than any other trading platform—hosting an almost inconceivable total of $34.1 trillion during 2021 as crypto’s popularity surged, according to the company—with Binance earning a commission for each trade. 

Binance Pros/Cons 

Pro 1: Fees

Binance’s fee structure is among the lowest in the industry, and is consistently one of Binance’s best features.

Globally, its fees are very low, and US users may pay slightly more, although the fees for United States users are still lower than competitors.

Binance uses a maker/taker fee structure, and fees vary based on variables such as trading volume and Binance’s native coin (BNB) balance. As one might expect, higher-volume trades generally mean lower fees.

Users can also get fee discounts for things like using Binance tokens for trades, referral perks, and an interesting option: gaining a sort of VIP status by engaging in a set amount of asset trades. 

Pro 2: Speed

Processing a mind-numbing 1.4 million transactions per second, Binance isn’t lacking in the speed and information-processing department. As a staking protocol, Binance Smart Chain likewise operates at a blistering speed of 3 seconds per block. 

Simply put, Binance’s transaction speed and ability to capacitate high-volume trading is unbeatable, and one of its best strengths.

Pro 3: Security

Binance has a world-class security infrastructure that aggressively prioritizes user security and data infrastructure. One of the most respected cryptocurrency exchange security review sites ranked Binance.US as the 5th-most secure cryptocurrency platform as of March 2022, putting it ahead of some of the biggest names in crypto such as Coinbase.

Binance requires during the sign-up process for a new user to enable two-factor authentication, set an anti-phishing code (which is important because phishing tends to be the main reason hacks occur) and verify your identity with a valid government-issued form of identification.

Pro 4: Easy to use 

This is what really sets Binance over the top and helps make it such a popular platform. Binance allows users a very easy process for buying and selling cryptocurrency. 

Binance offers four general paths/functions to buy and sell currencies: Buy Cryptocurrency, Markets, Advanced and Over-the-Counter (OTC).

Con 1: Regulatory issues

Binance global has encountered severe regulatory issues and ruffled feathers in some countries, and moved operations from China to Japan. Binance took action against its own compliance department’s judgments by recruiting customers in at-risk countries, including Russia and Ukraine, judged to be of “extreme” money-laundering risk” according to an internal report.

Con 2: Customer service 

Binance might have significant security overhauls that have ranked it among the top exchanges, but its customer service leaves some to be desired. Overview is a worldwide crypto exchange with more than 1400 digital currencies. is one of the earlier global cryptocurrency exchanges, starting in 2013. With over ten million registered users, it is highly ranked for safety, reliability, liquidity, and trading volume. For users who want to enjoy trading futures, altcoins, and decentralized finance, is at the top of its class. offers a great overall selection of crypto assets as well as other services beyond its main crypto exchange, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), research/analytics, venture investing, and plenty more. Pros and Cons

Pro 1: Security is a high-security platform with plenty of protection. It has been consistently rated as one of the top exchanges in terms of cybersecurity by a variety of certifying bodies. Users have great control and options over securing their accounts, and the platform has tons of built-in security protocols as well. 

Comparison 1: Ease of use

For Binance, ease of use is a top priority from a design standpoint and its user interface reflects this. You don’t have to be an advanced trader to take advantage of Binance’s options. 

For, ease of use is more dependent on your priorities as a trader. offers powerful tools, but it may take a learning curve to enjoy them. 

Ease-of-use winner: Binance

Comparison 2: Security

While Binance has a relatively secure platform, offers more protections from hacks, breaches, and user control than Binance. 

Security winner:

Binance vs The Winner

Overall, our winner for the best cryptocurrency exchange between Binance and is Binance. While has a fantastic range of assets and advanced trading options, Binance simply is a little better designed for a more general audience and is packed with educational options, research tools, and learning capabilities, and a great user interface.

Which platform is best for beginners?

For beginners who are digging into crypto currency and understand how to execute trades, Binance will generally be the better option as it offers deep educational/research tools. Binance’s user interface makes it easy to navigate and execute trades. It offers great speed and technical resources, and its learning resources save significant time and energy for new investors.

Which platform is best for advanced investors? will generally have more to offer for investors interested in items like altcoins and futures, although Binance is plenty powerful there. has access to a very wide selection of cryptocurrencies that Binance may not always have, making it desirable in some instances. 

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