Interactive Brokers vs. Ally Invest

There are a few top performers in the online trading world that many individuals and businesses find particularly appealing, and two of these companies include Interactive Broker and Ally Invest.

Companies at a Glance 

Although Ally Invest offers customers a wide range of options, they don’t provide the scope of investment options and modern tools or conveniences. Overall, Interactive Brokers gives commercial and private customers more options and better service. 

Which Company is Best for Customers?

Ally Brokers is a good choice for mid-level companies or larger corporations. They offer a variety of funding and financing options in addition to specialty services for automobile dealerships. One of their selling points is also full-banking services.

Interactive Brokers has connections in 135 markets internationally and provides investors with a wide range of options. Additionally, they also offer the latest technology for your convenience. Their banking services include investment options within their company. 

Keep reading to find out more about what sets these companies apart and the benefits and drawbacks for individual customers and commercial customers. 

Interactive Brokers vs. Ally Invest

There are several factors to consider when comparing Interactive Brokers and Ally Invest. Here, we’ll look at some of the top features and how each differs from the other. This review should help potential investors decide which has more to offer. 

Investment Options 

Interactive Brokers operates in the top percentage of investment entities and participates in business transactions in over 135 individual markets worldwide. They provide various services for individuals and institutions, including joint and individual IRAs, and offer financial advisors to assist customers with their financial investment goals.

One attractive feature they offer customers is $0 commissions on some US stocks ETFs. They also have a Stock Yield Enhancement Program that allows the customer to earn money on their own stocks.

Ally Invest offers $0 commissions, and you can get started investing with $100. They also offer stocks, bonds, and customized portfolios for domestic trading. They also have a range of services to ensure you maximize your investment and get the best tax breaks. 

Investment Flexibility 

In addition, they also offer fractional shares of stock for investment purposes, which is a hot trend in today’s market. This allows smaller investors to get in on the action in the stock market without having to spend large sums. 

Ally Invest doesn’t offer fractional shares and doesn’t offer the top technology, but they do provide personalized service from their brokers and guidance through the investment process. Customers can get started investing in whole shares for $100. 

Banking Services

Those using Interactive Brokers for cash management also have access to a wide range of products and services, including bill pay and a debit MasterCard, all linked to a brokerage account.

Although they don’t offer a traditional checking account, the debit feature works for basic needs, such as bill pay or even daily expenses. 

Ally Invest offers a full range of banking services, including checking and savings accounts, debit card options, and other traditional features. They provide financing for many investors and private individual needs, such as medical expenses and automobile financing. 

They also offer cash management services to help customers handle money responsibly and keep them from making financial mistakes. 

Unique Services for Business

One of the unique services Ally offers is financial dealership services. These services include vehicle protection, financing for a dealership’s customers, and leasing options. They also provide commercial dealership insurance to protect business assets. Businesses will also receive favorable lending for middle-market companies and large corporations. 

Ally also offers financing for various customer needs, including medical bills, home improvement, and vehicles. They also provide lending for businesses in need of capital for equipment, growth, or other expenses. 

Interactive Brokers provide international investment options for commercial investors as well as currency exchange and portfolio monitoring. Additionally, businesses can control their account remotely through mobile investment tools. 

Interactive Brokers also offers round-the-clock support for companies using remote technology to control their accounts and make investment decisions. It’s essentially a broker at their fingertips when they need it. 

Which is the Best Overall? 

When comparing Ally Invest vs Interactive Brokers, the best choice for commercial and private investment needs is Interactive Brokers. They have the best services, values, and technology for any investment needs. 

Interactive brokers aren’t just for private investments or commercial investments. They structure their services to provide international options in addition to mobile conveniences and top-notch customer service. 

Which Options is Better for Private Investors? 

When it comes to investing and private investment options, Interactive Brokers offers more for both individuals and commercial needs, but they’re more suited to individual investors.

They implement the latest technology and tools to provide each customer with the ability to trade and do business from any mobile device or desktop. They also have their finger on the pulse of the modern financial investment climate and tailor their services to reflect this awareness. Some of the features they offer include:

  • Fraction share options
  • Money management services
  • Investment strategy services
  • Low commission prices

Interactive Brokers believes in giving the client the most for their investment dollars, which is why they keep their commissions and rates low to provide the customer with more buying power. 

Which Option is Better for Commercial Investors? 

When it comes to banking and features, Ally Invest offers more options and traditional banking services that allow customers to conduct business and personal transactions in the most convenient way for their needs. However, they are geared more for commercial needs or corporate investments. Their services include:

  • Full-services banking needs 
  • Funding for equity sponsors and middle-market companies
  • Insurance for certain businesses
  • Auto Financing for dealerships and individuals 

Ally Invest is a more traditional option for commercial needs and specialty industries, although they serve private investors. 


Anyone interested in getting the most value for their investment with plenty of technology and private or commercial options should team up with Interactive Brokers. Contact them today to get started and make investing and growing wealth easier and hassle-free. 

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